Monday, November 12, 2012

Week Three-gods of love

We were made for God. Christ is the only One who can complete us. 
When giving yourself to others or loving something or someone else more than anything-this becomes an idol.You are giving yourself and your gifts to idols.
God is fighting for our hearts as we turn to idols instead of Him. 
How does Christ see you?

Week Three in our Bible study was about the gods of love and focused on one woman's story. This woman's struggle revolved around passion for boys and other girls in her younger years, she was struggling with her identity. She became so broken and said she, "need a God to save my life" as the other "gods" were not fulfilling her emptiness and confusion. She has become a new person through Christ even since struggling  after becoming a believer. Her words to others: "You are not unforgivable". Christ loves you no matter what your past or the struggles you will face in the future. 

We were left with a question that I really had to think about for awhile. 
How has God fought for your heart?

There is a video that was a part of the study this week and others at city on a hill.
You can also watch the entire first episode at this link.

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