Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 Thanksgiving weekend we drove to Chance's parents place, ate great food, and grabbed my camera for the action outside.

 This is my darling husband.

 Checking on the outcome on the targets.
 This is Ethan (a family friend) who hung out with us for the weekend.

 Grandpa had to come out to see what all was going on.

 I made these pictures bigger so you can see what is going on while shooting trap. See that orange dot flying in the air in the middle of the picture?


 Alright, now look all the way over to the left of the picture. Do you see all of those orange pieces flying?! That is the clay target after it's shot in the air.

I spent a good part of the time outside watching everyone and snapping pictures. It was fun to watch because everyone really gets into the competition. Good Thanksgiving memories!


Callie said...

OH, looks like fun! And I'm so impressed at how you caught the pieces of the target mid-air!

Michelle said...

It was fun to watch!