Saturday, May 4, 2013

Watkins Products-Love It!

I love Watkins products. Haven't heard of it? It's been around since 1868 and a company that sells natural food, house cleaning supplies, and health remedies. 

Vanilla is a popular item-it's the best! Their cleaning supplies have no chemicals, yet clean great, and their health remedies actually work. 

I grew up with Watkins products. My mom cooked with everything they had and used a lot of the health items.  Wal-mart does carry some of their flavored extracts BUT it's only the 2 oz. sizes. On the website they have full size items and there is also a sale page. There is also a line of natural baby care items such as baby wash, and baby lotion.

So please check out their website:

My Watkins ID #398661
Michelle Marble

The way the website it set up you have to go through an associate to order anything. To do this you have to set up an account (easy doesn't take long- just username and password) and you will need my ID #. Once you put that number in you can order whatever you want just like normal online shopping.

Check it out if you like natural healthy products!

Also, if you already use their products the website has a ton of recipes.


Susannah said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love natural products! :-)

Tiffani B. said...

I found your blog when I signed up for blog lovin. You are following my blog (Extraordinary Love) on there, so I wanted to return the favor. I was super excited to see all of the book reviews!