Friday, February 28, 2014

A Stillness of Chimes Book Review


About the Book

Laura Gantt doesn’t mind being home in Prospect, Georgia, but she minds the Southern niceties and mini-sermons she has to endure after her mother’s unexpected death.  On her summer break from teaching in Colorado, Laura wants to focus on wrapping up her mother’s estate. Turns out dodging painful memories becomes impossible when her lifelong friend and former beau Sean Halloran reveals that the town is buzzing with rumors due to numerous sightings of her father, Elliott.  Problem is, her father has been dead since she was seventeen.
Known for his horrible mood swings after returning home from Vietnam, Elliott Gantt wasn’t always the most stable person.  But if he is alive, why did he fake his death and remain in hiding for so long?

 My Review

First of all this cover on this book is beautiful! I have read Gone South and enjoyed Meg's unique writing style, she does stand out, as her writing is different with her southern flare and humor. This story has so many levels and story lines that all come together in a clever way. I really enjoyed Sean the main male character throughout the book. The overall story line surrounds the stories about Laura's father who was proclaimed dead but is he really? It's a big mystery until the final pages of the book where so many past issues come to light. The first part of the book was a bit slow for me, it seemed to drag on but it picked back up again and ended with a grand finish. 
I love the setting, it takes you right to the south, and how the story line deals with the realities of life. 

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