Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twirl Book Review

 About the Book
Is life making you so dizzy that you're forgetting what's most important?

Patsy Clairmont loves a good twirl. The kind that will make a child fall to the ground, squeal with laughter, and then want to get up and spin in circles some more! However, there is a twirl where busy schedules and urgency create a different and unwanted variety of dizzy into our lives.

Though hurry-up is part of the human dilemma and certain seasons bring more of it than others, if it becomes a lifestyle you might find yourself on the slippery slopes of bitterness, sadness, and depression. Patsy's hope is to help her readers maintain a dynamic view on life--with activities and choices that lead to renewal and peace. So take a little stroll with Patsy Clairmont through "Twirl," and allow her unique perspective and deep well of biblical wisdom to realign your spin on life.(Goodreads)
 My Review
Patsy Clairmont is a wonderful writer and I have always enjoyed her books and hearing her speak. I've listened to her a couple of time at Women of Faith which is where i was introduced to her books. 
This book is like having a grandma sit you down and teaching me the wisdom she has gained with humor thrown in. She is funny yet realistic and I really enjoyed her book. I thought this book was random, which is perfect for me but really she is giving the reader ideas on how to look at life. We really make things more complicated than they need to be and we can enjoy the things surrounding us. At the end of each chapter she asks direct questions that really make the reader think. Such as: Name three things you would like to do in your lifetime that you haven't already done. 
She includes great quotes and verses along with word descriptions that emphasis what she writing about. 
Pasty covers it all from hobbies to grief and gives her spin on life. 
Highly recommend!!
"I received this book from BookLook for free in exchange for an honest review."

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