Sunday, October 5, 2014

Walking Home Book Review


About the Book

Life was falling apart. Within the space of three years, Sonia Choquette had suffered the unexpected death of two close family members, seen her marriage implode, and been let down by trusted colleagues. And sympathy was not forthcoming. “You’re a world-renowned spiritual teacher and intuitive guide,” people jeered. “How could you not have seen this coming?” Having intuitive abilities didn’t make her superhuman, however. Nor did it exempt her from being wounded or suffering the pain of loss and the consequences of our all-too-human traits such as anger, resentment, and pride—traits that can lead even the best of us to stray from our spiritual path.
In order to regain her spiritual footing, Sonia turned to the age-old practice of pilgrimage and set out to walk the legendary Camino de Santiago, an 820-kilometer trek over the Pyrenees and across northern Spain. Day after day she pushed through hunger, exhaustion, and pain to reach her destination. Eventually, mortification of the flesh gave way to spiritual renewal, and she rediscovered the gifts of humility and forgiveness that she needed to repair her world.
In this riveting book, Sonia shares the intimate details of her grueling experience, as well as the unexpected moments of grace, humor, beauty, and companionship that supported her through her darkest hours. While her journey is unique, the lessons she learned—about honoring your relationships with others as well as with your own higher self, and forgiving all else—are universal. (Goodreads)

My Review

This book surprised me in a lot of ways. I wasn't sure what to expect. Sonia's life starts falling apart and she is encouraged in many ways to walk to Camino de Santiago which I had never heard about until this book. I was so intrigued about this trail which has been walked for decades. This woman decides to go it alone! The book is an actual day to day account of her journey. Every day is recorded and the reader takes the trek with her. I really enjoyed the writing and organization and how she describes her walk. It's a process as she walks through her life in about a months time.
I think this is so good for a person, to be out in nature, which she was not used to, and being alone with God. Now this journey included a lot of Catholic practices, which I honestly don't know much about. But the general idea is a good one and I really liked reading this book and getting a new perspective on someone's life.

"I received this book from Hay House for free in exchange for an honest review."

Note: this book does have a bit of strong language in many of the chapters. Just so my usual readers are aware.

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