Sunday, June 25, 2023

Condemn Me Not



About the Book

“This woman was one of the most impudent, scurrilous, wicked creatures of this world; and she did now throughout her whole trial discover herself to be such a one. Yet when she was asked what she had to say for herself, her chief plea was that she had led a most virtuous and holy life.” —Reverend Cotton Mather, 1692

USA Today Bestselling author Heather B. Moore brings the life of her 10th great-grandmother to center stage. Susannah North Martin, accused of witchcraft in 1692, joins five women in the Salem Jail, all sentenced to death for their crimes. Amidst tragedy, Susannah finds hope and compassion as she remembers a well-loved life, and readers discover that love reaches far beyond the grave as Susannah faces the magistrates in Salem. (Goodreads)


My Thoughts

Any book or story that is written involving the Salem Witch Trials has me intrigued. I knew this book would be well researched and I was thrilled to finally get to read it! This story is dual time line involving the same character. I love the backstory as it adds so much depth and reality to what led up to being in the Salem jail. The characters are well developed and the historical details are so very interesting. I have no idea how the author was able to weave in a bit of romance but she accomplished it splendidly! It is mind boggling what happened at this point in history and if you have any interest in Salem and what went on you need to read this book. This story is based on a real life account with multiple quotes directly from what was written down in 1692.

I highly recommend!

Five Stars.

" I received this book from the author for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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