Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thirty Days in the Land With Jesus Book Review

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About the Book
What encouragement we receive when the truth of the Bible meets us where we are--just imagine how much more eye-opening it is when we encounter the Bible where it was written! Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus, takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the Holy Word and the Holy Land, guided by renowned expert and author Dr. Charles Dyer. Complemented by vivid, full-color photography, each day draws new insight and inspiration from the ancient sites that framed the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. Your understanding of the person, work, and words of Jesus Christ takes on an added dimension with this day by day exploration of the world in which He walked. (Goodreads)

My Review
I really was not sure what to expect when this book came in the mail. Not only is the life of Jesus obviously so important but I LOVE learning about the history of that time. It would be so amazing to see the Holy Land in person but this book brought it to me. It is a smaller size, easy to fit into my purse, and perfect for daily devotions. Pictures are included, such as what an olive tree actually looks like or a manger. We read about things in the Bible but sometimes it is difficult visualizing what it actually looked like. So while you read the verses in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (these are the books discussed in each chapter) you can see a picture and read further insight on the history and culture. At the end of each chapter is a reflection section that includes more verses and questions. Now the only thing is that the pages in this book are slick so it wouldn't be easy to write in. If you plan on doing this for a study I recommend you have a notebook if you plan on writing. It is obvious Dyer has done his research and has a knowledge of the Bible, this is a great resource for a Bible study.

I highly recommend!

"I received this book from Moody Publisher for free in exchange for an honest review."

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