Monday, August 4, 2014

Noah Movie Review and DVD/BluRay Combo Giveaway!!


 Noah the Movie

I did not see Noah in the theater so I just recently was able to watch the movie. I know there has been a lot of different opinions on the movie versus what is stated in the Bible. Noah's story is really something when you read about it but putting it into a movie made me think of a few things. 
First of all the movie is not at all like what is written in the Bible. There are a few similarities and overall "Noah builds an ark" but past that Hollywood changed the story. But the good things that I got from watching this movie is thinking of what really happened in a different point of view. One of the lead characters in the movie is Shem's wife and while she is hardly mentioned in the Bible what would it have been like from her perspective? 
Honestly this movie really does make you think about what it really could have been like, how evil the world was, and how awful would it be to know that everyone is dying except you? We hear about this story in Sunday School but thinking farther into the story line I think is rare. We picture colorful cut outs that our teacher's showed us or we read the words but don't grasp what really happened.

This movie made me think and I do believe that makes it a worthwhile movie. 

That being said this film is not really family friendly for those with younger children. I advise parents to preview before sharing with your children. There are some graphic times with battles and blood, and people dying.

Grace Hill Media is kind enough to offer one of my readers a free combo pack of the Noah DVD/BluRay Movie. 
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looks like a great film. Would love to see it.

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Looks like a great movie.

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Looks like a fantastic movie. Thanks for the giveaway. BWallace1980(at)Hotmail(d0t)com

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I didn't get a chance to see this movie in theaters, hope to see it soon. :)

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I would like to win this DVD, but do hate it didn't include much of the Bible story. Please put my name in. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

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Thank you for the chance! I actually loved this movie.

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I heard this was a good movie, I would like to win and be able to watch it.
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