Friday, December 12, 2014

On a Personal Note..

I haven't really had many of these types of posts this past year. I would write about my life more but I just haven't felt compelled to do so. Not much changes from the day to day ordinary aside from me reading a new book.
I can't believe it's already December and Christmas is right around the corner. It doesn't really feel like either to me this year so any ideas on how to get into the holiday spirit would be appreciated!
I've decorated our little tree and for the first time this year we hung outside lights as well. I got ahead on my Christmas shopping this year which I am so thankful-I hate the rush when I haven't.
This year I attempted to follow a theme for our personal gifts, something they want, need, wear, and read. I was able to do this fairly simply with my husband and then added some stocking items into the mix.

I've been listening the to newish Piano Guys album...have you heard it?! It's fantastic.

I booked plane tickets to Virginia yesterday! We are taking a trip in March and driving to the many Civil War sites in that area.

I am also super excited to see Celtic Woman next week! I bought the tickets months ago and I know it's going to be great.


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